live performance

Studio Sessions

In person & remote

I can track keys, guitars and backing vocals for your project from my home studio in Guelph. To reach out, fill out the form below to tell me about your project.

Live Events

Need mellow background music to set the right vibe for your party? Or are you looking for a high-energy performance to close out the night? Looking for jazz? Classical? Folk? I've got you covered. 

Fill out the form below to get in touch about your event.

[Photo: Jeff Glasel]

Accompaniment Services

for Soloists, Choirs and Small Ensembles

As a pianist, I can comfortably move between genres to suit your style. If you're looking for someone who can play classical, jazz and pop equally well, I'm your guy. 

Use the form below to get in touch about your performance needs.

[Photo: David Lacalamita]

I love collaborating with Kristen and have been lucky enough to work with him both as a vocal soloist and a choral director. He has the whole package when it comes to being a great accompanist: wonderful feel, great musical instincts, versatility and command with multiple style and genres, and the ability to read everything that's on the page. What more could you ask for?”

Mary-Catherine Pazzano, vocalist & choir director

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