One of those rare worship leaders, gifted with musical excellence, pastoral sensitivity and a heart that brims over with love for God. Through song and scripture, word and prayer, Kristen leads in faithful Christian worship that is true and beautiful and so very good.”

— Rev. Phil Reinders, Clearview Church (Oakville)

Worship Leadership

I am experienced in both contemporary and traditional worship forms. If you are looking for a guest worship leader or pianist for your congregation, reach out with the form below.

(photo by Jenn Squires, 2019)

Worship Team Coaching

I specialize in working with developing worship teams to grow their musical and leadership skills. Whether leading a rehearsal or running a dedicated workshop, I love to work with volunteers that are eager to learn and nurture their gifts.

If you are interested in booking me for a workshop or rehearsal, reach out via the form below.


(photo by Jason Normore, 2020)

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